Frequently Asked Questions

Fit Body Boot Camp is an indoor boot camp. We have our “Unstoppable Fitness Formula” which burns fat and calories through high intensity cardio and resistance training. Boot camp sessions are 30 minutes in length. All Fit Body Boot Camp locations are independently owned and operated.

Exercises and weights can be intensified and increased for the more advanced members or ones that want to be challenged. The same exercises and weights can be decreased depending on the fitness level of the individual. So in other words, yes everyone is accommodated as best as possible.

Unfortunately there are no estimates on the average weight a person can lose. However our programs are specifically designed to burn calories through a combination of high intensity cardio and resistance training.

  • The price will depend on what your goals are!
  • The good news is that we take the normal 1 on 1 personal training rates and average it across Small Group Personal Training to make it much more affordable at a fraction of the cost.
  • You will get private access to our Members VIP page for Motivation, Accountibilty, Fit Family Community Events.
  • You will also get support in your nutrition, the foundation of all health and fitness.
  • We will also recommend supplementation to fill the gaps that your nutrition does not, we undestand busy lifestyles.

The boot camp programs are in small private personal training groups.

Boot camp focuses on burning the maximum amount of fat and calories through resistance training and high intensity cardio. Through this type of training, the body is put into an “after burn”, which means your body continues to burn fat throughout the day. Workouts are 30 minutes long for each session.

No, the workouts are designed to get the best amount of After Burn affect for maximum fat burn. To get the most out of our program, we will tweak your nutrition. The corner stone of our clients success is a 1 on 1 Nutrition consult with head coach Theresa!

Take a Peak of what some of our workouts look like!